Comments for Bob Iger Forgoes Entire Salary, Disney Execs Take Massive Pay Cuts Due to Pandemic

Iger and Chapek

Source: Variety.


  1. Darth Cha-Ching

    But… but… he worked so hard this year!

    Can somebody please think about HIS needs every once in awhile?

  2. Mark

    Well i hope they would help out they got cms and other things to take care of then give themselves millions! Why it take so long and why is iger still getting paid?

  3. Michelle D

    Wow comments sure are looking at the dark side of things. Let’s be honest, Disney is a profit making company, just like any other business. We enjoy it since it is built on something most places aren’t – hope. The parks create a bubble of happiness that we all hope will spread to the world. Today it seems the execs were willing to display that hope in a monetary way – benefiting a large number of employees who may not have enough money to go a month or more without a paycheck. Personally, I’m shocked that the execs are willing to give up ANY part of their paychecks. I give them a huge kuddos for that.

  4. Jane

    I don’t feel sorry for any of the Disney executives. They should all have a 50 per cent pay cut and pay their cast members and other front line employees the whole time the park is closed. We all know it’s a drop in the bucket for the Disney corporation and they will make back every penny when the park reopens.

  5. Laura

    Get out with that entire first paragraph. None of the execs are suffering or under any strain. Maybe their pay cuts should be permanent.

  6. Peppa

    I really get the effort is there with this but the poor word choice and description is what is causing an uproar in the comments. The word “sacrifice” should never be used for an executive with a copious amount of money.

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