Video Sing-Along: Bringing Disney Parks Home With the Dapper Dans

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When you enter the Disney Parks, you’re greeted by a smiling cast member and not far behind is mister mouse himself, Mickey Mouse.  As you stroll down Main Street, U.S.A. there is no other experience than that of hearing the iconic vocal stylings of the Dapper Dans.

Just as famous as their voices are their adorable, bright colored, striped vintage costumes.  They aren’t usually hard to spot because there’s usually an audience surrounding these awesome performers.  They even made Funko Pop! figurines for the iconic quartet!

Dapper Dans
Credit: Disney

And now, surprise!  They’re now coming to your home, via Youtube!  Knowing that many guests are missing being in the Disney parks, Disney decided to bring the Dapper Dans to you with a little magic.  They bring a little hope into your heart with their first at-home musical release of “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

Their singing makes you feel like you’re floating on air and living a dream.  They’ve brought hope into our lives for when the Disney Parks are to re-open even though the fact is that we’re not sure when.  The Dapper Dans are not only great vocalists but story tellers as well!


They’re using the hashtag #VoicesFromHome to help spread the cheer and at-home Disney magic.  Some of these Dapper Dans are from local and surrounding areas of Anaheim, California, but some of the other performers are from elsewhere in the country.

What’s exciting is that the Disneyland Resort Dapper Dans are letting you as guests and fans pick what song they will perform next!  Your choices are “Grim Grinning Ghosts,” “When I See An Elephant Fly,” or a “Disney Medley.”  This is a pretty cool way you’re getting to interact with Disney.

Collage of Dapper Dans
Credit: Disney Parks

Now remember, when the Disney parks do re-open, make sure you stop by and be in the Dapper Dans audience on your walk towards the castle during your next outing or Disney vacation.

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