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US Disney Parks Coronavirus Update


  1. Mark

    To add to your lower point the # of deaths according to record of the flu just last yr in the us = the # that survived from the coronavirus! Please stop using common info if your scared do what i did ask a dr they will tell you its a very bad flu! Like my daughters did and said take care as you were a cold and also as long as you have your vaccines esp flu you will be ok.
    The media and no offense this website w every other story is about the virus is creating more paranoia and dr google!

  2. Harley

    I can not for the life of me see why you would stop merch its like the flu it doesnt last on material period and hard material is 6 hrs if that… it is people not using common sense! By the time it would get over here it would be na! We also live in a warm weather it can not live in warm weather!

    1. Chad

      The merch comes from China. China’s factories have been closed therefore cannot make the supply.

      1. Harley


  3. Michelle

    Well written and thank you for the reminder at the very end. Yes, it will be okay.

  4. Christopher

    There is literally about a 0% chance of coronavirus being fatal.

    1. Jackie

      The survival rate is stronger than other things up to almost 90k i am liking the odds!

  5. Rachel L Smith

    The lack of panic in this is refreshing. I’m going to Disneyland for the first time in July and nothing about this, or California being a hot spot, is making me change my mind. I’m still young, in pretty good health, and not at high risk. There’s nothing to be afraid of. My dad the critical care doc isn’t worried either.

  6. LouiB

    I’m not sure why you think the parks in the USA will probably not close. If the idea is to try and stop the spread seems like what was done in Asia would probably be done here too.

  7. Jackie

    Bc wdw esp is in fl and its warmer here the virus like the flu hates warm weather! We are conceened but not stupid and living our lives! I survived brest cancer at a very hard stage my parents are alling and besides all our drs said we are fine not to worry! I survived worse and so have many others just living life! Enjoy it bc its short enough for that reason i doubt wdw wont close at least! Besides most of those other countries survived already totals are in 90k! Travel w hand sanitizer and Clorox rags it will all be fine!

  8. Nikki

    People need to weigh their risk. If you’re under 75 with a relatively well working immune system, make sure you wash your hands, you should be fine. As of now there’s zero reason to panic. These viruses are always around, they travel and become “alive” during cold weather, heat and humidity bring a stop to them rather quickly. Disney’s is and will continue doing everything possible to keep visitors healthy and keep everything up and going. ?

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