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Volcano Bay

Credit: Universal Orlando


  1. Mark

    No suprise universal never announced an extention for ap cost lots more and let team members go wo pay! Unlike disney whose paying cms and extending aps past time frame bc of everything going on! Proves me and everyone else pt about disney cares and universal does not! Even people i know whom preferred uni to disney at one pt backed away yrs ago bc of what they did to them! There both big businesses with more than just theme parks through the whole world what more do you want!?

    1. Michael

      Universal is paying their team members through their updated closure date of April 19. Disney has not given any update since their original announcement of closure through March 31. Universal has said from the beginning that annual passes will be extended for the number of days that the parks are closed, similar to Disney. Disney, as of now, has not cancelled payments for annual passes and is also not allowing passholders to cancel their annual passes. Disney seemed to take the lead on their response in the beginning, but Universal has seemingly surpassed them since.

    2. Kaya

      What are you talking about? Universal announced they were paying their team members way before Disney did. You have your info wrong. Plus, Universal is suspending payment to the monthly AP, which Disney have no plans on doing. So please get your facts straight.

      1. Jackie

        Get your facts straight uni fired half their staff disney hadn’t universal hasnt taken care of APs in yrs and have hidden fees wdw doesnt! Where do you think uni will get the money from if they dont eventually charge APs or do a huge renewal hike big business get a clue! Neither park cares about you!

        1. Kaya

          Again, sounds like you got Universal confused with Disney. Universal hasn’t fired any of their staff yet.

    3. Andrea

      I think it is good that Universal won’t be taking pass money and extending the pass dates since they are closed. As a yearly Premium pass holder thank you.

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        Aww the few news stories that uni has on a disney site brings out the uni vs disney fight ya know your not a true fan of either when you not comprehend its all big business i met may fans whom are both and dont start this they know both parks have screwed up and still like them equally! And their AP charges amount to same though wdw gives more perks but still too much so uni gave you a break i bet your going to have to renew to get this back when we won’t! They fired people i know whom tg they wrk for wdw! But i digress oh and before cindy comes here too no one knows how this will affect hhn!

  2. Melanie Durham

    Well, who cares about universal vs. Disney, I’m just grateful that I have one less bill to pay right now! Thank you Universal! Now stop bickering!

    1. Mark

      Everyone but you aparently! Actually oh wait you said uni did the right thing never mind moving on! They fired many i knew whom are so glad they wrk at both parks so thats why you do not have to pay why you think wdw has paid their cms ever by osmosis! Open your eyes all of you universal sucked for a long time! They overcharged annuals for renewal way before wdw did and valcano bay is not a theme park yet they count it! Disney isnt wo issues but its not the i have to rudely piggy back people and make the other place up the street look bad they arent your competition thats in tampa! Disney is family friendly your not! Oh and HOS is way better than HHN!

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