Comments for Disney and Aliens? Ring-Shaped UFO Spotted over Disneyland!

UFO Spotted at Disneyland


  1. Adri

    Wow… -_- Disneyland does this all the time. It’s a smoke ring to check the wind for fireworks nights. I go to Disneyland maybe 1 or 2 times a year and have seen this multiple times. Running low on article ideas?

  2. Miguel

    That “smoke” ring appears from the flame thrower scene during the World of Color show. During the Pirates of the Caribbean scenes, they shoot a huge blast of fire and causes this ring every time.

    1. Harley

      Can not wait to see world of color up close this summer but i was going to say seen in various videos for it! They used it a few times during villianous!

  3. Cb

    I’m not saying its aliens but….its aliens.

  4. RKG

    Very interesting photo. Looks like it has some structure to it….but…I’m confused…isn’t that the chrysler building in the background? Isn’t the chrysler building in new york?

  5. Rebel Porg

    If it is aliens i blame the corona flu on them!

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