Comments for At Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland PeopleMover is STILL Closed – No Word on Reopening

peoplemover ride closure


  1. Joan

    They should stop building more resorts and new rides and start doing serious maintenance on the older rides. Pirates needs serious attention they have taken out the holographic pics, the mermaids, captain jacks eye at the end of the ride looks crooked and hos arm looks like its about to fall off. Haunted mansion usually has issues and peter pan. The yeti needs to be refigured and put back in the ride at Everest. I can go on….

    1. Harley

      You apparently do not know how much time that would take… it be just easier to close mk or any other park for months if not yrs! When theres a major rehab issue it usually closes for a yr min! You also have no clue what may or may not be going wrong.

      1. Mark

        Joan what your asking is for wdw to be seasonal the reason seasonal ops could do both is bc they have to rehab their rides many are in states w snow! I use to manager at hershey and they use to rehab and build new but they had the time wdw doesn’t! You know how much money wdw would loose??? The reason a ride stays down is so they can maintain it these engineers know what they are doing! CMs arent fixing the rides thats another reason why rides go down! Also computers need to reboot its a process a regular guest wouldn’t understand!

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