Comments for Coronavirus Impacts Disney Pixar Family as Tom Hanks and Wife Test Positive

Tom Hanks

Credit: Getty Images / Pixar


  1. Harley

    I am sorry but i am not worried about 2 healthy celebrities that have millions to get well whom sound like they have a bad cold! If anything this is truly the best definition for it so far a bad cold or flu oh wait ….
    Second i am going to feel bad for australia more bc they just got over the brushfires of hell and are now dealing w this bs!

    1. Mark

      Well said and i agree feel bad for hanks for 2 mins but aussie is still going through a lot on its own! Doesn’t need celebs saying poor me when they have the money to afford healthcare stuff alot more than the rest of us! Yes its a bad flu pandemic and we shouldn’t live in bubbles but my parents died of common colds my age still scared!

    2. Darth Rankings

      Haha, so true, Harley.

      Wait for the first famous person to die of Co-VID19.
      THEN we can ALL get scared.

      Who wants to bet when THAT’S gonna happen?

      1. Jackie

        Sadly darth they wont i agree w harley they have the money to get help! Besides i think the panic and paranoia is making it worse on everyone! We should all just live our lives!

  2. Harley

    While i am not a sore sport i want to reiterate above… i feel for hanks but he sounds like hes got a bad cold! Actually alot of the cases sound like that! Sadly i wouldn’t be surprised if it was just that and the world panicked for nothing! I agree w you mark and others whom said that if it was not named it would be different in the world… but why is stopping our daily lives going to help the rest of us whom do not have this thing live our lives!?!?
    Besides i feel bad for aussie in general they been through of strive on top of each other! Crazy!
    And darth while i appreciate your sarcasm at other times let me clarify hanks and other celebrities while only human like us and get sick also have millions the rest of us do not have to play w and will be able to get the best care first!

  3. Mark

    Btw there fine probably called in a dr quickly! There sons social was on the news just a bad cold!

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