Coronavirus Impacts Disney Pixar Family as Tom Hanks and Wife Test Positive

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Tom Hanks

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In a recent Instagram post, actor Tom Hanks has confirmed that he and his wife have been tested and confirmed positive for COVID-19, more commonly known as the Coronavirus.

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Here is the official post that Hanks made on Instagram:

Hanks is reportedly in Australia for the filming of an untitled Elvis Presley project with Warner Bros. He describes how he and his wife, Rita Wilson, experiences symptoms like feeling “a bit tired”, as if they had colds, and “body aches.” He then describes how he and Rita went to get tested, “as is needed in the world right now”, and the test results came back positive for the Coronavirus.

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Moving Forward

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks are posing for a picture

Moving forward, Hanks says that he and Rita are following the protocols given by health officials to be tested, observed, and isolated. He explains that there is “not much more to it than a one-day-at-a-time-approach,”.

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The diagnosis comes as a result of growing cases of the Coronavirus in countries throughout the world. Many health officials are emphasizing the postponement of non-essential travel, as well as avoiding large gatherings. Public spaces are following suit and providing resources for guests to help reduce the risk of exposure, such as hand-sanitizing stations.

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A close-up of Woody, a Toy Story Character
Credit: Disney

Tom Hanks is best known for voicing the character Woody in Disney Pixar’s Toy Story series. Hanks mentions in the post made on his official Instagram that he and his wife will “keep the world posted and updated” regarding their conditions.

We will continue to update on the situation as we gain more information.

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