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Jasmine Dancing in the Desert Sunset

Jasmine Dancing in the Desert Sunset


  1. I love picture and i hope win it

    1. It’s absolutely awesome

  2. Katherinek

    Jasmine Dancing in the desert sunset would be a beuatiful addition to our home

    1. Rebecca Yousif

      This is beautiful – you can also see Jafar’s face formed in the clouds…

    2. It’s absolutely awesome

  3. Lisa C

    This is so beautiful!!

    1. Jenny Laplante

      Would love to have this one added to my wall it’s stunning ?

  4. There’s a Rapunzel / Tangled version that I absolutely love. That one is my fave. Of the ones you shared, I am so torn between Cinderella and Belle. Really, I love them ALL!

  5. Jenny Laplante

    Would love to have this one added to my wall it’s stunning ?

    1. Jane robertson

      Disney and T Kincade make great partners as this painting is outstanding

  6. Jane Rob

    Absolutely beautiful

  7. Marjorie

    This is beautiful. All of his work is inspiring.

  8. Dorothy Becker

    I am enchanted by this beautiful painting. The colors are mesmerizing. The characters are fun and fantastic. I love the magic carpet not being in flight. You would almost not see it. I have always loved Thomas Kinkade’s use of flowers in all of his work. This piece is great for its use of flowers. Thomas Kinkade has left a legacy that will always be present. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. He will always be in our hearts.

  9. Melissa Bassett

    I absolutely LOVE Aladdin and this painting is beyond beautiful!!! I’d more than love to win!

  10. Melanie Durham

    Congratulations! ?

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