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Jeffrey Ghazarian


  1. Jackie

    Oh my word this person is all over saying hes making stuff up its really just scary people are doing crazy things! I pray for this family weather its true or not! Also he was visiting the california parks in the original story! This is a trying time for anyone please do not just do crazy things or make up stories for 15mins! Like i said i feel bad if this is a true story but you do not know whats going on!?

    1. Unfortunately, there’s still a bunch of ignorant people out there who just aren’t taking this issue seriously…

      1. Harley

        Yep and there are still rude people that do not get we care we just know theres been worse things and like to be positive! Sorry you disagree!
        Btw my best to this person family!

      2. Jacked & Tan

        An obese man with a poor diet, who didn’t work out, and probably had other underlying health issues, has died? I’m shocked.

        1. Joshua

          Jacked & Tan well said and well received he people stand shocked that a fat pig at 34 who didn’t take care of himself died from kungflu ??? He’s lucky he didn’t have a heart attack from all the walking in Disney !!! Let alone all the medical problems he had as well like high blood pressure or even diabetes!!

  2. Victoria Brown

    They need to let everyone know what parks he was at and when.!
    Yes I feel my family and I would have symptoms which every is coughing. But no fever! We are pass holders, and was going up u til it closed, again we were very clean about it as well.. again I would like to know the date he was at Disney or any of the Disney parks. People are ruthless, and reallly need to take this serious!! God help us.

    1. Harley

      I had this already before it was named its no laughing matter but i still survived! So did my aunt whom has an auto immune illness and my son whom i thought was going to stop breathing! We arent being negative we wish the world would stop saying its armageddon! We all lived through way worse! But i still like i said above my heart goes out to the family and i hope you remain safe! Btw coughing isnt a symptom anymore! But high fever is well right now though fda is testing to see if malara drugs or mmr drugs could help and thats totally another story!

  3. Renata

    Do you know the exactly days ?
    On Disney parks!
    And the Hotel name?

    1. Jim

      Are you serious… He could’ve said it he died after going to Walmart or the gas station or restaurant are you really going to try to pin it down to a Disney visit or universal visit you need to relax

      1. Drew

        Dude, people want to know who were also at Disney during that time. No matter where/when he contracted the virus, he could’ve been spreading it while he was there. Don’t be stupid.

      2. IndyVisualist

        Yes because some people were at that park at the same time and the information that he was there the same day may expedite testing by the CDC.

  4. Miriam

    I hope his family won’t try to sue Disney, I was in Disney world last week and I didn’t l got the Corona virus. I do have the cold not to call it a flu. I have just stayed at home since then.

    1. Jim

      Do you know how many locations any individual visits on a regular day… And they’re gonna pull Disney out of that hat and say he got it from there he could’ve been anywhere… Restaurants, gas stations, grocery store, Walmart etc. you can’t pin that stuff down on a Disney

      1. Jackie

        Says disney and universal could have been airport hotel saw another article said he has heart issues as well and was sick already why would you travel??? This is a sue happy world sadly this is where my mind went its like they are letting the parks know etc. Like they brought on corona to the world??? I got a cold the last time i was there did i tell everyone??? Did i tell disney?? Did i sue?? NO!
        Bc people get sick all the time i am sorry bc this has a name we are thinking its armageddon …. did you forget how many people did from the flu past yr???

    2. Mark

      Colds are a common thing to catch at wdw a whole lot more common then corona!
      Also bc allergens are high here to begin w flower and garden at epcot doesnt help so anyone w a bad allergy will make it worse! My daughter passed out due to it and got stared at! We are about to go into fire season and then hurricane season so this only gets more life threatening then removed!
      Weather this story is true or not i wish everyone well through this! But unfortunately we live in a sue happy world where you find out the person is fine they just wanted to sue disney bc they know they have money! Its very sad but very true hopefully they will not bc how is corona disney fault?

  5. Jim

    The gentleman unfortunately like everyone else in this world has visited 30 locations whether it be gas stations, Walmart, restaurants a bathroom who knows where… And to pick Disney out of a hat is ludicrous… Do you Wipe down handle of the gas station before use it enough said… No one knows exactly when they got it when they did..take safe steps… And be still and know that he is lord… God is in control… He knew five years ago this would be happening today he is never taken by surprise

    1. Kenneth Cox


      So you claim that god is not only in control but “he” knew it 5 years ago and decided, as the loving god he supposedly is, to allow a pandemic to happen?

      again, your god is a thug then.

      1. chad386

        Thank you for saying this, Kenneth! My thoughts exactly. What a stunning admission of stupidity/cognitive dissonance. Imagine what a rational being would have done had they known this was coming 5 years ago.

      2. IndyVisualist

        Yes because some people were at that park at the same time and the information that he was there the same day may expedite testing by the CDC.

        1. I dy

          Your commenting system has bugs!


        God is in control. He knows everything for all time. He is a loving God, slow to anger. But look at the world today. People shooting each other. Swearing has become part of everyday language. How many people get up in the morning and say “thank you , God” before they even get out of bed and go to the bathroom/ If you read your bible, you would know how many times God sent bad things to earth so people would stop their evil ways and repent. Read about Noah, Jonah going to Ninnevah, Sodom, because the people were evil and when they repent, God allows the world to prosper. Since God is eternal and had no beginning or end, He always was and always knew.

  6. LWalk

    And is sounds like he flew back to California after he was sick. So I would certainly be more concerned about the people at the meeting he attended or on that flight than anyone at any Disney park. Talk about trying to sensationalize something. Just wow!

  7. Faithful Friend

    I give my sincere condolences to the family for losing a son during the prime of his life. May he rest in peace.

    1. M

      Such bull. If this person passed I’m sorry to the family. But to try n pin on not only Disney but Covid 19 is ridiculous. Day later he was coughing blood.. what is this Motaba??

  8. Mk

    I think the beating his testicular was funny!

  9. You are so right!! Peace don’t understand that the viruses will attack anyone but it does damage to a person who has a long time of issues already regardless of problems. Some with less health issues or healthly will beat the virus.

  10. Ato

    I’m very sorry for his family, my deepest condolences.

  11. Anthony felicuano

    No matter what the story is family is suffering rest in peace

  12. Joshua Lawerence

    I’m surprise he didn’t die in Disney World from all that walking.. Wow how am I not shocked and obese man dies from coronavirus with probably other health related issues like high blood pressure or even maybe diabetes for all we know because we definitely know he was obese and we know that the Kungflu virus is deadly to people with poor health and obesity is obviously poor health. Why is anyone surprised? The family should be glad he didn’t die in Disney and they were able to have memories with him.

    1. KungFlu? Really? Goes to show how ignorant many of us were back in March.

  13. Yeah, As we now know, it is.

  14. It looked like in reading that article that Disney World had not shut down yet. Mask mandates were not in force. Some of the comments were negative and blaming this young man for his death. He probably did not think there was a risk when he went to WDW at the top of March just like the thousands that were there with him. It’s sad that he was young and his life is over. He fought cancer prior, and his life was taken by this biological warfare. An invisible and cowardly enemy.

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