Want to Be a Disney and Universal Theme Park Tester? This Girl Got the Job!

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Credit: Alexandria Adamson via Glasgow Live

Back in early January, we shared the story that a company was looking for a theme park fan who would be willing to experience Disney and Universal parks for three weeks…and they were going to pay. Now, we’ve just learned that a young woman was hired for this dream job.

Glasgow Live reports that over 63,000 people from all around the world applied to be a theme park tester for Ocean Florida, a U.K. travel agency who was hiring for the role. And Alexandria Adamson of Glasgow, Scotland just got the job.

Adamson is a 25-year-old “theme park nerd” who studied theme park design in college and also worked for The Walt Disney Company previously. For three weeks, she and a friend will get to go to Florida and test out all of the amazing offerings at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando.

“I just feel like I’m waiting for someone to wake me up from a dream. I feel so very lucky, the whole process has been so surreal and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet,” Adamson said to Glasgow Live. “I’m just so excited to get out there and start doing it all. I can’t wait to show everyone why there’s nowhere else in the world quite like Florida – although I’m going to have to start hitting the gym to prepare myself for all the walking I’ll be getting in during those three weeks plus all the food I’ll be eating!”

theme park tester
Credit: Alexandria Adamson via Glasgow Live

Below is the original job description from the U.K. travel agency Ocean Florida:

Job Requirements:

As our professional Florida Theme Park Tester, you will spend three magical weeks in Orlando’s most popular theme parks during April/May (depending on availability) and will be tasked with providing essential feedback on each park based on the below criteria:

• Overall experience
• Quality and variety of food & drink
• Souvenirs & brand merchandise
• Suitability for families/couples
• Thrill factor for each ride, show, and display
• Parades
• Photo ops

As the successful applicant, you will be social media savvy and capture top-notch photo/video content for each element of your experience, as well as a daily video diary. You’ll be encouraged to share your experience on your own Instagram account and potentially take over the Ocean Florida social channels.

Job Info/What you get:

• £3,000 salary
• Option to bring a partner/friend/family member (18+) if desired
• Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for you and +1 for the duration of the three-week testing period
• A daily budget to cover specific review activities – such as rating the infamous Hogsmeade Butterbeer
• Fast passes/ photo passes provided throughout the duration of the job (rides, food, tickets, etc)
• Go Pro camera to capture content
• Fitbit to measure steps and heart-rate during different activities

magic kingdom fireworks
Credit: Disney

We don’t know about you, but from what we can tell, this looks like a dream job for so many theme park fans around the world. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to ride awesome attractions and taste test the variety of food that the Orlando theme parks have to offer?

We hope Alexandria Adamson has a blast during her time in Florida! You can follow along on all her adventures on her Instagram.

We’d love to know — if you love theme parks, what would your dream job be? Would you like to be a tester for a travel agency, a theme park blogger, or even a Cast Member at Disney or a Team Member at Universal?

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