Comments for UPDATED: Star Wars Rival Run Weekend 2020 Now Cancelled

Star Wars Rival Run finish line

Credit: Disney


  1. Jason K

    We don’t know what the virus will do.

    1. Harley

      Exactly so staying positive is all we got and disney saying temp opening date is nothing to go nuts over maybe its a good sign bc life might be heading in a good direction! its a new day to day experience! Schools here in fl are april too so we are just being hopeful! Yes the virus is bad but eventually its going to be like the flu just something else and life will move on bc it has too! We can not live in a bubble forever! I am a psych thats not healthy to stay home all day and besides some sense of normal has to come back eventually April may whatever its not tomorrow!
      Also i had 2 grandparents whom died bc they never got out much esp after my grandpa past my grandma was scared to get sick never went out again and she died in her home! Its mentally unhealthily to panic to be negative plus think the world is going to stay freaked out in a bubble! One day and step at a time it will all wrk out!

    2. Anthony Gonzalez

      Yes, it good to keep a positive outlook, but this is nothing more than greed.
      What Disney is not considering is the first responders, law enforcement, medical staff, and the safety of all runners and employees it takes to do this event.

      We need our first responders, law enforcement and medical staff helping people in need, not this. If Disney is so worried about the money it will lose, instead of safety, then reschedule for later in the year.
      Give runners the opportunity to get refunds on their hotels and or car rentals.

      1. Harley

        Exactly! I hope they help you out! Stay safe!

  2. Chiqui

    All other races are being canceled throughout the country. The Corona virus seems to be getting worse. Don’t you think you should start postponing the race for a future day (TBD)? People that signed their kids up are not going to take chances and might not sign up for future races with Disney. A group of us have done many Disney races, but depending on how this is handled, this might be our last one.

    1. Janie

      Exactly its got to get worse to get better every other country is on lockdown! Thats the only way there are survivors and things trying to get back to order! It was refreshing to hear survior stories on the news more of these be great doom and gloom but we want no one to panic doesn’t help! But sorry to say this it will be canceled friend in military said troops are in formation we are going into lockdown for 2 months curfew is 7pm!

  3. Ana

    Military personnel are not allowed to travel until after May. Are we going to be able to get a refund for the race? Can’t believe the race is still on. 🙁

    1. Lilian

      irresponsibility of disney not canceling or extending the date

      1. Courtney


        Please do the right thing by your many loyal RunDisney fans and cancel the Star Wars races now. We want to run and enjoy a nice family vacation, but now is not the time. No amount of wishing upon a star is going to make this virus magically disappear in the next couple of weeks. Please cancel now.

        – Courtney

      2. Patwick

        If Disney goes ahead with this race, they should at least give runners a chance to opt out and get a refund. They can’t force you to run in a crowded group of thousands of people during a pandemic.
        C’mon Disney!

  4. Erin

    If they don’t cancel this race and I dont feel comfortable attending will Disney offer a refund? I also have to worry about travel and hotel stay and it’s hard for me to do every thing last minute

  5. J

    With all the cancellations happening right now, the call volume has been outrageous. They are probably spacing things out. Taking care of the guests and vacations that were already supposed to be happening or about to soon first. Then they can take another wave and cancel the race. The phone lines have been on a 400+ minute wait. Adding a couple thousand more into it isn’t going to help. Once it slows more, they will probably announce their decision on the race. Cut them some slack! Isn’t there enough negativity out there right now?!?!

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