Comments for EPCOT Update: NEW Space 220 Restaurant Reportedly Opening in April

Space 220 Restaurant Epcot Opening

Credit: Disney


  1. Jennifer Reedman

    I was excited to see it opening Winter 2020, but now, it says opening soon less than 2 weeks prior to the end of Winter. I will be there the first week of Spring and planned it for that week vs. Easter so I could enjoy this restaurant, but now it looks like Disney has broken their promise again. I just can’t believe less than 2 weeks before. Ugh!

  2. Harley

    Glad this went back to prior opening! Also knowing this is going to be more a nod to horizons then anything has me even more excited!

  3. Laura

    has a menu been released? it’s hard to know if this is a place i’d ever want to eat without seeing a menu (and prices).

    1. Mark

      No menu but i been told by cms that started training prices are $$$-$$$$ bracket…. welcome to wdw!

      1. Alex

        Out of curiosity, what position are those CMs? The opening team is still being interviewed and has yet to be pulled for training, so I’m not sure where that information is coming from.

  4. Jamie

    Going in September and this is one of the MAIN things I’m waiting for…just hoping I’m able to get the ADR when they do finally give the green light!

  5. LSU2019

    August trip. Hoping to catch ADR window!!

  6. Alex

    I’m very excited to experience this restaurant. The sad thing is that it keeps getting delayed and I personally know people who were hired back in December. They are being kept in the dark about the opening as much as everyone else which is sad.

    1. Jackie

      Welcome to wdw cm 101 they are always in the dark! Fans will alsays get info first its like all the new construction they still believe it wont be done by the 50th or slightly after bc thats the window given to them! We know different! 2nd a very nice construction person told me back in dec they were finishing within a few wks and opening was slated for march…. its now april! It was almost next yr so lets just go w fingers crossed and move on
      … the only true tell is when dining puts up reservations!

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