Comments for Disney-Pixar’s “Onward” Available on Digital Today, Arrives on Disney+ in Two Weeks!

Onward available on digital and Disney Plus


  1. This was only a rumor just either yesterday or the other day; but now it appears to be coming true! I mean with all the movie theaters closed down what other choice did they have? Oh, and it appears all the Pixar animators are having to work on “Soul” from their home networks too. But even if it were to be completed on time, there’s still no telling whether or not the original release date will likely be pushed back. Let’s just wait and see in hopes that this will all clear out by summer…

  2. Darth FINALLY

    Well, it’s about time!

    1. Mark

      Hey darth are you single?bc all your comments remind me of my friend you 2 be perfect for each other!

      1. Jackie

        See look hes not even answering you? I wouldnt either! Btw i very glad for it news! Give me something to do the sit and stare!

      2. Rebel orange bird

        Are you that bored mark your playing matchmaker i agreed w jackie darth isnt even answering! But at least its making me laugh!

  3. Harley

    Will mulan do this too and others? Or bc mulan is having controversy we will not see it!?

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