New Oh My Disney Collection Hits shopDisney next week

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Oh My Disney Collection at Disney shop

shopDisney has just released a sneak peak of a new Oh My Disney Collection set to drop on the site on March 30th. From what we can see of it, I know I’m already excited to find out what the rest of the collection will look like. 

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Sneak Peak

The sneak peak includes a Chip and Dale jewelry holder with a multi-colored heart-shaped back board, perfect for arranging all of your earrings. The bottom of the holder is a peanut shaped dish to hold your rings and other small jewelry pieces. This piece is a cute and functional way to stay a little more organized when you take your jewelry off at the end of the day. 

Oh My Disney Collection pencils and jewelry holder
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The other sneak peak of the collection features one of my long-time favorite Disney characters, Winnie the Pooh! Adorable patterned pencils with Winnie the Pooh head erasers in varying colors, sit inside a pencil holder fit for any Disney lover. This pencil holder is none other than a classic purple honey pot, with dripping honey detail. There’s even a cute little buzzing bumble bee adorning the side of the pot. This set is perfect for making your desk feel a little more magical! I know I always prefer to work with Disney office supplies if I can help it!

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Are you excited for ShopDisney’s newest release at the end of the month?

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