Cute Disney Minnie Mouse Sneakers On Sale for an Insanely Cheap Price!

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We’ve said it time and time again, Primark continues to prove that it is possible to get decent Disney merchandise for a cheap price. They’ve done it again by massively reducing the price of their popular Minnie Mouse pink shoes (we call them trainers here in the UK) and it sent fans in a bit of a frenzy.

Originally the sneakers/trainers were priced at £14 ($18.37) but Heart reports that Primark decided that wasn’t cheap enough and decided to drop the price to just £3 ($3.94) which we’re pretty sure is the cheapest pair of official Disney sneakers out on the market currently.

It’s not as if the shoes are even poor quality (pictured below again in full for reference). The pink Minnie Mouse shoes look fantastic.

pale pink Minnie Mouse trainers
Credit: Primark/Facebook

Speaking from a very recent shopping experience in Primark where the purpose of my trip was to find as many Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Disney baby merchandise as possible (our first kiddo is due in June), the quality that the store continues to push out is something else. We managed to pick up several outfits for next to nothing which includes this awesome Lion King collection:

simba baby outfits
Credit: Primark/Disney

The fact that this is all official Walt Disney merchandise just makes it all the better.

In this case, it appears that the store is at a point where there are trying to get rid of the last remaining stock of the pink shoes but that just means we’re likely to get a new line launched soon. I have been told by a reliable source (a friend who was in Primark at the time of writing) that some stores still do have them in stock!

Don’t be too sad if you are based in the US, the online Primark store still has some absolute bargains at prices you often can’t find elsewhere and offer plenty of Minnie & Mickey Mouse products as well!

Are you are a fan of these pale pink retro trainers? Let us know in the comments below!

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