Comments for Marvel Actor Arrested by FBI For Claiming To Have An “Antidote” To Global Pandemic

Credit: CDC/Marvel


  1. Darth Curious

    What happened to all the previous comments posted to this article?

    I would like to ask, in a reasonable way, to somebody at ITM: can you please explain why were they removed?

    Nobody was rude, no bullying, nor was there cursing. Instead almost comments expressed a general concern with the article’s headline and adjoining pictures. Seeing it was many people saying the same thing, I would consider that to be mostly a worthy critique that might help future articles.

    Thank you for your response.

    1. Jon

      Thank you! It was my comment and you are 100% correct. Why was it deleted?

  2. Melanie Durham

    Wow, that’s crazy!

  3. James

    He’s an extra, he may of been in 3 Marvel movies but I wouldn’t call being in the background a part of the MCU. Very misleading headline.

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