Comments for This Kid Has the Best Response to Disney Park Closures!

kid's response to disneyland closure


  1. Darth Cha-Ching

    Glad to see Starbucks has got their caffeine claws in this kid already. He should be a good and set coffee addict by the time he’s 15.

    Now that’s what you call long term customer investment.

    Inspiring images like this that make me want to say, “Time to buy some Starbucks’ stock!”

    1. Jackie

      I hope they know how sick this kid could get from drinking coffee to some that young its a narcotic!

      1. Claudia Davis

        Couldn’t it be hot chocolate?

        1. MICHAEL v LOCKETT

          It could be tea.

      2. Jackie

        True claudia but chocolate or coffee its caffeine neither is good for a child to have much of?

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