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Disney Princess(Left), Keira Knightley (Right)


  1. TimG

    I’m glad to hear no one should kiss Sleeping Beauty. Why should anyone be relieved of a curse she didn’t deserve? Just bury her and forget her. There are moral stories behind these fairy tales, not the Woke variety.

    1. Serenity

      Keira Knightley isn’t the only one who said that about sleeping beauty and Cinderella, so for one malifacent told Philip that the only way to break sleeping beauty’s curse is that if he kissed her, apparantly everyone must have not watched the movie all the way. Besides the original sleeping beauty was worse I think the prince raped her when she had the sleeping curse I think the disney movies made it less f’d up cuz Disney still has kind of dark and sad moments but the grim tales and other fairy tales are something your kids shouldn’t read, I read the original Cinderella when I was like 8or11 and it was kind of gory. The Disney Cinderella she was a servant the only way she can save herself is by ending her life back in that time she’d have to marry a man to survive rich or not but she didnt think that way she just wanted to go out and have fun just 1 time since shes always treated like a slave being beaten and humiliated by her stepmom and sisters while they enjoy her families house and riches, when she did get to go to the ball she meet a guy she didnt know was the prince and since her only friends are animals she got to dance and talk to another person,so when she finally had to leave she was happy for that moment. People kind of need to calm down about these princess movies if anything people should be upset about the racism in the old movies.

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