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John Stamos reads disney book

In these challenging times, as we all navigate this health crisis, we could all use a little Disney magic to make our days brighter. Well, search no more! John Stamos is hEAR to help!

Joining other celebrities who are taking to social media to share some joy for their fans as we stay home to stay healthy, Stamos took to Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to give us the gift of reading.

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Stamos is known for being a huge Disney fan, so it comes as no surprise that he chose a delightful Disney book: “A Kiss Goodnight,” written by Disney Legends Floyd Norman and Richard Sherman.


The video starts with Stamos sharing how he is self-guaranteeing in his very own Dumbo vehicle in his home. Where can we score one of those? So fun!

Not only do we get to enjoy Stamos reading this magical Disney book, but you can also enjoy the special book soundtrack that none other than Disney Legend Richard M. Sherman wrote as it plays in the background.

Before Stamos dives into the story, he reads the forward from Sherman.

“I vividly recall a lovely spring evening in 1963”, that was the year I was born, Stamos adds. He continues reading from Sherman: “My wife and I had spent the entire day taking in the fabulous sights, sounds, and experiences of Disneyland. I noticed a lone figure slowly strolling down Main Street, looking in the store front windows. That lone figure was Walt Disney. And I said, Walt we just have to thank you for the most wonderful time today! In fact, the fireworks started, and the music was playing and Tinker Bell flew across the sky and I was so overcome with happiness that I was crying.”

We can’t imagine a more magical encounter than that one! Anyone else wishes they could have been there to witness that conversation? I’m not crying, you’re crying…

Check out the full video here:


We hope you enjoy that as much as we did! Who else would you like to see reading magical Disney stories? Let us know in the comments!

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