Comments for UPDATE: Disney World’s Haunted Mansion Reopens After Being Closed for Days

Haunted Mansion Magic Kingdom Ride Closure


  1. Mark

    This is not a surprise they are on the same power grid computer downstairs! Just like if tomorrowland goes down the whole section will.

  2. Nachtwulf

    I was going to say, given that the downed attractions are all very close in proximity to each other, it looks like there was some sort of infrastructure failure that was first noticed in HM and then resulted in the closing off of said infrastructure taking BTMRR and associated things along with it. Could be power, or it could be a water or gas problem. ‘Multi-day’ tells me it’s something that requires something be ripped out and replaced, though. Broken water main under the river?

  3. Darth Danger

    Clearly these rides have all caught coronavirus.

    1. Harley

      I agree w mark its underground happens alot at tomorrowland but i can not help but lol thanks darth made me day! Its like when i was a scareactor during ebola its like omg just stop. I feel better laughing then panicking! So ty! Though there is stuff in the water its not corona just something you need a tetanus shot and ol smiley over by cbj.

      1. Mark

        Got to love ol smiley! Hes the best crock mascot except he is on the wrong side though the way some fans handle seeing him w selfies etc plus the panic over corona it makes you ? Whats wrong w some people! But mk is in need of serious rehabs everywhere tomorrow was down today as well as this!

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