Comments for Experience Magic Kingdom’s “Happily Ever After” Fireworks Show From Your Couch

Happily Ever After

Credit: Disney


  1. Jackie

    This is the worse fireworks show ever! You can not follow up wishes w half protected crap! Whom really watches em anymore its called get on rides while theres no line while the tourists watch fireworks!

  2. Nisey

    Why are there people dancing in a sensual, gyrating way in the Disney parade? Is this what our society has degenerated to? Truly is just another sign of the end times-increasing immorality and “natural” disasters.

    1. Harley

      Because the original choreographers of the past are either retired, left (as in my case) or died (as in my friends case). Besides where are you watching parade dancing on a fireworks video?

  3. the biggest fireworks shows ever seen, congratulations

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