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Billy Porter

Credit: Daily Mail/Disney


  1. Dan

    No thanks. I prefer the less confusing, classic story. Gender less godmother?? Please…. plus their releasing it in February, so they already know no one will come. February is the month studios release all their junk movies .

  2. Pat

    Has Disney gone crazy. This is the most ridiculous thing you’ve done. Putting a man as a fairy godmother. He is a man peroid.
    This not acceptable SHAME ON YOU DISNEY for doing this. I do not agree or support this n will tell all my family n friends to boycott the film. What kind of message are you sending to our children today…no wonder so many have issues…..

    1. Mmluv

      This film is being made by Sony not Disney.

      1. Harley

        Bc disney doesnt own the stories this is based on the musical not disney movie

      2. L

        if that’s true then this needs to be made very, very clear in all media that this is not a disney project. i just skimmed this article and if they said it, i missed it. it needs to be front and center who is behind this disaster waiting to happen.

      3. Craig

        Disney should sue Sony for copyright.

    2. Jeremiah McKenna

      Yes, thet have. They are falling for the old trick of not wanting to look like they are the mean person, when in reality there are only a small amount of people that think like this and are bullying everyone into thinking like them. Well, we’ll see what happens when their revenue drops like a stone. I just hope it’s not too late by the time they get their heads on straight.

      1. Erjen

        This is NOT a Disney movie. Sony is making this movie.

    3. Randy S.

      Sony movie per article, NOT Disney.

  3. GREG

    The 2015 version with the lovely Lily James as Cinderella and the very funny Helena Bonham-Carter as the Fairy Godmother was perfect! Not this garbage –

  4. Jeremiah McKenna

    There isn’t any such thing as ‘genderless’. Male or female are the only two genders. This is getting way out of hand. I don’t care of a person has their uneducated views, but do not force it on everyone else, especially children. So sad, because we typically go to every Disney movie release. Not this one, and if they start doing this stuff at the parks, be prepared for lower ticket sales, especially international sales.

  5. Ashleigh

    The title of this article should say this is NOT a Disney remake or movie in any way shape or form. Everyone is going to think this is Disney since a Disney fan site is reporting on it but it’s not Disney.

    1. Paula

      Agreed! Why is this even being reported on this site? Very misleading.

  6. Paula Morris

    I hope disney seperates itself from this trash. It won’t though and in fact is proud to have this kind of crap in their own movies like Lefou in the live action beauty and the beast and now in pixar’s onward.

    1. Suzy

      So this Cinderella is a comedy? Such as in the Santa Claus2 when the tooth fairy was a man. It was a joke a spoof. Is this also a joke?
      Is this supposed to be a conversation piece? Why do we have to take every piece of children’s entertainment and turn it into a conversation they won’t understand until they are older?
      Is this fairy called a fairy godmother or just a fairy?

    2. Mark

      Sony is making the movie disney doesnt own the rights to Cinderella and never did this is also the musical and disney name is nowhere on that!!!! And never will be!!!

  7. Denise B.

    People need to stop accepting and normalizing mental illness.

    1. Marjorie

      I feel the same way when I see all the morbidly obese people walking around theme parks eating turkey legs and sodas so large they need to hang them in a plastic bucket around their necks! We need to stop accepting and normalizing this mental illness.

      1. Mark

        I am gay and my best friend is bbw and proud its not a mental illness its called acceptance! You have a mental illness i should know my bestie is a psych! Try looking in the mirror more you apparently do not love yourself enough to judge others! You must not love disney enough either more than half the parks have gays in em what your going to stop going bc of it! Good less lines for me!

        1. Hermit

          Nothing wrong with being proud of heart disease and cholesterol problems lol

        2. Westford

          It’s not about being gay. I’m gay. This is about thinking that commerce and studios have the role of defining what is socially acceptable. It’s not mental illness, its having money thinking for us.

  8. Suzy Ince

    So this Cinderella is a comedy? Such as in the Santa Claus2 when the tooth fairy was a man. It was a joke a spoof. Is this also a joke?
    Is this supposed to be a conversation piece? Why do we have to take every piece of children’s entertainment and turn it into a conversation they won’t understand until they are older?
    Is this fairy called a fairy godmother or just a fairy?

  9. Gary

    Hairy godfodder would be more accurate.

  10. Charlene

    I’m so tired of the ridiculous movement. There is no such thing as gender less it’s total nonsense. Fairy godmother? All mothers are women. People are losing their minds. It’s the Emperor’s new clothes all over again. Everyone is too afraid of disagree with this LBGT hogwash

  11. Bob Costa

    Why call it a classic if you’re going to ruin the premise of the story. It’s all about preserving the classics and bringing them to life but this is taking it too far. for Mr. porter to say its for a new generation is right but they need to call it something else as true fans will be disgusted at the thought of a genderless fairy godmother and while your at it take God out of the character. Can’t believe Disney would sign off on this to Sony and makes me want to boycott all Disney if this is the trend. shame on you Disney!

    1. Odette

      Disney doesn’t own the tale of Cinderella. You literally have no idea how many Cinderella stories are out there by many different companies, do you? It is a classic tale from Charles Perrault. So anyone can produce a Cinderella movie. Disney’s version just so happens to be the most famous. You do realize, other Disney movies such as The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Tangle, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, etc are all tales NOT own by Disney and anyone can retell the story, correct?

  12. Tammy Carnley

    When this happens,I will no longer buy Disney.
    This is wrong on so many levels

  13. Caz

    This is not a Disney movie , it’s Sony but for info the Disney movie and cartoon are based on the French version of the Story written by Charles Perrault in the 17th century 200 years before the Grimms did their version. It’s Charles Perrault who had the idea of the pumpkin, the mice , the fairy god mother and the glass slippers. Actually it wasn’t glass slippers it was fur slippers. In French “pantoufle de vair” (vair = a type of animal). But “vair” sounds like “verre” the word for glass in French and the translation into English was incorrect = glass slipper instead of fur slipper.
    What is annoying is that they are advertising this new 2021 version of Cinderella as woman empowering etc, like it was never done before…
    This shows the total lack of culture and knowledge of these people who are supposed to be in the Artistic trade..

    1- Perrault’s tales (Mother Goose’s Tales) written in the 17th century were based on folk tales and on an Italian book called the Pentameron written by Giambattista Basile.
    When Charles Perrault wrote his tales it was fashionable to re write or invent fairy tales in French literary salons..This was part of a movement In the 17th century among the French aristocracy , often lead by Women writers! For example Mme Le Prince de Beaumont who wrote Beauty & the Beast. The word Fairy also comes from the French word “Fées” and the name “Fairy Tale” was invented by Mme D’Aulnoy.
    These tales were actually seen as empowering for women at the time as many were written by women!

    2- in the Case of Cinderella , the first European written version of it appears in a book called the Decameron written by Italian author Gian Batista Basile in the 16th century..

    Most of the basis for European fairy tales are in that book.
    And for having read it, I can assure you that the original princesses and heroines in these tales weren’t shy little things and were more than empowered already!
    Most of the heroines would go after their prince and even try to save him. And Cinderella was even a plotting revengeful murderer…! When her father remarried , she didn’t like her step mother so she plotted with the maid to kill her, promising the maid she would get her father to marry her if the maid helped with the plot. After the step mother was dead the Maid married Cinderella’s father but she never told Cinderella that she had herself 2 daughters already and she started treating Cinderella even worst than her previous step mother did….
    I understand that people don’t know everything about everything but when it’s someone’s job who is in the entertainment i dusty.. I mean get an education. Women weren’t always seen as oppressed in previous centuries and “saccharine” versions of tales are actually way more recent than one would think..

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