Comments for EPCOT’s New Ratatouille Ride, France Pavilion Expansion Added to My Disney Experience

France Pavilion Expansion Added to My Disney Experience


  1. Harley

    And yet construction stopped??? Its fishy as my grandma would say! Or i could also say i smell a rat it be more appro! Sadly RAT is its acronym and call code lol!

    1. Mark

      I honestly thought i was hearing things when managers told me the new attraction acronyms!

      1. Rebel Porg

        I heard from folks saying that guardians cms will probably get so tired of i am groot etc it will be like when is the 3 o clock parade and whats the ride in the hat?

      2. Jackie

        Can i ask why you blocked my hat comment to rebel porg but you let people fight all over this site thats bad management itm!
        But to answer rebel porg someone once told me that the hat was a ride and had pin trading at the end! I was gullible i fell for it!

      3. Harley

        Sorry jackie that was probably me i got frustrated and heat exhausted out in mermaid strollers and outdoor positions that stink in summer i got tired of question i didnt anyone would take me seriously thanks for the memories but it became our whats the 3 o clock parade! Heard people didnt even know about gmr bc of the hat!

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