Comments for Op-Ed: If Your First Time Visiting Disney is as an Adult, It Can Still Be Just as Magical


  1. Harley

    This is awesome brandon glad you all had fun and wdw is the best no matter what your age you feel like a kid again! Even now though i am a mom i still act like a kid bc its the only place i can!

  2. Thomas

    As a kid I was desperate to go to Disney World from the moment I found out that it was an actual place where you could actually meet these characters that I loved, so probably every year until I was about 15 I would beg my parents to save and take me and my brothers, but the thought of taking 4 kids to the USA (I’m from the UK), let alone Disney, scared them particularly because of the price. My Dad’s scared of heights too and had never been on a plane. My parents then split when I was 16 and though I still dreamed of going I knew it was a dream I’d have to do for myself when I was working. I secured a full-time job when I was 24, and after a couple of years I paid my deposit to go by myself – though not long after I added one of my brothers to the trip, as out of my three brothers he was the one I’d actually not travelled with on our own – one had been to London with me when I was living down there, and another had come to New York with me. I love to be organised, so having the App to make my restaurant bookings 180 days before I went and my FastPasses, and basically organising the whole trip, as well as the very helpful people at the Walt Disney Travel Company, helped make the trip all that more special. And in 2016, at the age of 29, 2 weeks before my brother’s 25th birthday, I finally had my first trip to Disney World, and the magic definitely wasn’t wasted on me. Of course I was looking at how things worked a bit more closely, but the work and ingenuity that went into making every park so immersive just added, and spotting things that children maybe wouldn’t. I haven’t been since, but when I’m down I have my photos, I got them all printed, and I look at them and my videos and I’m instantly back to smelling the sweet smell of Magic Kingdom, feeling the humidity of Animal Kingdom and all the sensations I had while I was there. Go with the thought that it’s going to be ‘Just for kids’ you’ll hate it, but go with a mindset that it’s for the young and young at heart, and from the moment my brother and I got on the Magical Express to the moment it dropped us back off at the airport we were kids, except old enough to drink!

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