Comments for Finally See Leaked Colin Trevorrow Star Wars Episode IX Script Brought to Life in Fan Animation

Leaked Colin Trevorrow Star Wars Episode IX Header Image

Source: Youtube @mrsundaymovies


  1. Harley

    I think everyone has the right to their opinion and fandom people will like the movies they want to its star wars thats what its all about! Its wild how some people get in the fandom its like your fighting over something fake! Or criticize batuu its like but others love it and it adds to its our star wars story! I think its to each his own.

  2. Mark

    Except for the whole palpatine mess this movie wasnt great but it wasnt the god aweful prequels either! Nor this script its so blah! I never cared for rose that subplot was way beyond boring tran is meant for bigger things shes a fine actress!

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