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  1. Jackie

    Really dumb move bc this is the reason people will come to say you can not get on a ride unless you joined a virtual will only piss guests off! Guests whom paid to be there for these very things! I can see alot of people not return if virtual queues return wo any openings for us normal guests whom think the app sucks! Also why have fp or das then if its not going to help anymore??? Or if your going to help out let DAS sign up like they would at attraction vs they need virtual and this the time we all wait is virtual queue enough!!! This is why i prefer DL to wdw no stupid rules!

  2. Mark

    I am sorry more fights break out between cms and guests then this helps anything! Many tourists do not use the app and understand virtual queue is the only way to ride a ride!!! They are coming in for these rides and these rides only wdw and dl are only going to loose more money w restrictions! Good luck coming back from this if you do this you should just let the rides be open to all!

    1. No to virtual queues

      Yes i was there the last time one dude almost went over and punched a manager! Made sure he wasnt looking and jumped the line saw him later getting cursed out by wife as the family was escorted out by security with kids crying even more! I remember reading here weather it was you or someone else that said they got yelled at by the cms! Its all nuts if you ask me virtual queues should just stop! Isnt that what fp is for to make another queue??? What about the rest of us that want to ride the ride and are told in plain english NO! I know cms at DHS they lost money due to it! You see what theres still lines at toy story and new gmr ride bc you could wait there!!

      1. Mark

        That was me and one or two others we didnt care to get on rise we were just wanting clarification and the cm was yelling at us and making a scene i think it was harley whom said it was a guest service person which makes it worse! Weather it be guest or cast no one is right! Disney is just wrong to think this wrks!

  3. Rebel Porg

    Really bad reporting itm we all already this and commented are you this bored??

  4. Harley

    Why dont we just let all rides be virtual queues so no one really rides anything and its all just a waste of money!! Why reopen then i do not get it???

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