Comments for New Images Show Disney World Is The Emptiest Place In The World, Still losing $40 million A DAY

Magic Kingdom and EPCOT empty

Source: DailyMail/Getty Images


  1. Mark

    And still going to stay closed its a health concern disney is a big business but not dumb either! Though right now they are not looking right by not following restrictions we are all under like the other parks have!

  2. Harley

    Disney would be foolish to open w regulations still in affect and half the world still getting sick! The child # will up if wdw is open too i doubt disney wants to be sued more millions on God forbid situations! They will open and make that money back without a blink from everyone waiting!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      I agree harley its lives and health of everyone including their cms half of whom are pt retirees it would be too much at risk! We should all enjoy life stay safe be kind and have patience! And i agree once all parks open they will make it back in no time esp if they keep all virtual queues off for a while etc that will probably even make it more appealing to people hey i could get on the new ride! I bet that would help out cms too!

  3. Richard Terry

    Disney world use to be the place we would take our kids Today who can afford it. Poor me losing $40 million a day. I’m sure there is plenty in the bank and when it opens wonder if prices stay the same. Either way. Disney made it a family place Not a place for the rich to attend only

    1. Rebel Orange bird

      No one pays that much to get in! Besides your probably one of those that want new rides right so how do you think disney pays for those rides pays for cm to wrk etc. Thats why poor me you pay so much to get in disney was a smart business man he would be doing the same thing and you still complain! Its still for families open your eyes other parks charge way more and its all about roller coasters etc. They are way worse and they also do not care ap pay off if you realistically took time to figure it out instead of complaining! Its always poor me w you people! If you do not want your tickets i know plenty of people whom will take em and appreciate em!

  4. mark nowak

    I’m trying to figure out what all the white covers are along or behind main st. as viewed from the Space mtn picture. it get to pixelated when enlarged.

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