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empty orlando theme parks


  1. Jackie

    Reminds me what off seasons use to look like!

  2. Darth GetinLine

    Finally, there’s no line at Rise of the Resistance!!

    …and yet, I still can’t get in.

    1. Harley

      Omg thats so true! I just hope after all this we can bc the virtual line can not be doing anything for business and it will encourage skeptics to come back and if not i will join you on line and i know others too whom couldn’t get in!

      1. Mark

        Hey darth (whatever your name is today) are you single?

  3. Amy

    Just got back from Universal Orlando yesterday. Had an hour long wait for the new Hagrid ride, by the time we got off the ride there was Zero line. Never seen Universal so empty as an annual pass holder.

  4. Jennie

    This really got me mad.. I was supposed to go to Disney next week.. But no.. I don’t see the point in closing for 2 weeks.. The virus isn’t going to go away in 2 weeks

    1. Paul

      Exactly . Blame ypur liberal Dems who want to collapse the US economy- yea so in 2 weeks all of a sudden the virus is gone??

      1. Robert

        Disney is closing WDW, DL, Paris Disneyland and its cruises. This is its decision. As far as Gov. Gavin Newsom goes, “casinos, card rooms, theaters, and large parks like Disneyland would be exempt from the recommendations due to “the complexity of their unique circumstances” but Disney decided to close down anyway.

      2. Harley

        Robert some cm was seem via hearsay fainting and found out she came in w corona thats why dl closed and wdw just for good measure! May were at wdw including me and people were happily enjoying themselves as they should bc they arent dealing w reality as you shouldnt on vacation or day trippin at parks! The cms i saw were attached to rags and they bought out sanitizer machines! Wdw was very prepared for either way it went!

    2. Henry Sturges

      Are you my ex-wife? She makes everything about her, too.

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        Why is everyone so rude during this as i said somewhere else for a bunch of disney people your quite unhappy and needing attitude adjustments!

      2. Harley

        Not unless your an abusive child hater whom worked at wdw until he said to a guests i hate children there all a waste of space and their parents should die… during holidays at wdw! Then no i am not good day to you sir!

      3. Jackie

        Besides nothing harley said was selfish shes talking about things shes witnessed as an observer its correct english to write me or i if you want someone selfish and thinks shes queen of everything thats my aunt but even this situation has mellowed her out!

  5. Janie

    My friends in the military the whole usa is going to look like that for months! We are headed to lockdown!

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