Comments for Why Does Peter Pan’s Flight Remains One Of Disney’s Longest Wait Times?

Peter Pan's Flight

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Rose

    I took my daughter to Disney world in 1972 and have visited every year since. Enjoyed this article very much, most informative. We love PeterPan, love Disney!!

  2. John

    Peter Pan is a classic! Can’t get enough of Hook & Peter Pan!

  3. Jackie

    I blame fp!

    1. Laura

      nope. the lines for this were the longest in the park, or at least fantasyland, years before fastpass ever existed.

      1. Mark

        No only in busy seasons i agree w jackie fp is making every line hell on earth!

  4. Kat

    Definitely need to plan a trip to Disneyland soon cause I love this ride!

  5. Carlos

    I can’t ride it anymore. I have panic attacks in those narrow hallways in the new queue.

  6. Paul Alter

    I’ve been enjoying this attraction since I first started visiting Disneyland in the 1960’s, and I love every update it’s had at both Disneyland and Disney World over the years!

    I think one of the reasons it tends to have a long wait is Peter Pan’s Flight has a slower loading queue. It can only load about 400-450 guests per hour. That, combined with its overall popularity over the years, and there you go. A perfect attraction to hit during extra morning hours when the park first opens!

  7. Matt Brewster

    I’ve been obsessed with queues for decades. It’s sort of a hobby with me. When I lived in Orlando in visited the MK about once a month. After study and considerable observation, I finally concluded that the Peter Pan boats are too narrow. Families cannot fit into one boat, so they have to split up and take two. This slows loading and, thus, causes the line to stretch. The solution would be to redesign the boats to hold more guests! You only need to widen the boats by 18 inches or so. That’s it!!

  8. Peter pan is superb and Disneyland is fantastic. Need to be there with the kids to have ultimate fun. They are real professionals in the theme park industry. Peter pan is one of the sought after ride in the park. Kids easily get attracted to such concept. There are so many other themes straight out of Disney.

    1. John

      Agree- every time we go this one is still a must ride!

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