Rope Drop to Fireworks: 5 Tips for Staying from Open to Close at Disneyland

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If you ask me, nothing beats a rope drop to fireworks day at Disneyland Resort. Walt’s first theme park has a special place in my heart and I think it really is The Happiest Place on Earth. If you’re planning to do an open-to-close day at Disneyland soon, these five tips will help you make the most of your trip (and maybe keep you from bowing out early due to dehydration or hangry little ones). 

1. Bring your own water bottle. 

All Disney parks worldwide allow guests to bring their own snacks and water into the parks. Bring. Your. Own. Water. Bottle. I cannot emphasize this enough. Paying for bottled water all day long can significantly cut into your budget for souvenirs and food. Not to mention that bringing your own bottle is much better for the environment. Disneyland has numerous bottle filling stations that will accommodate Tervis tumblers and other large reusable cups. 

2. Plan to get nighttime spectacular “seats” early. 

This tip is especially pertinent for those who don’t regularly visit Disneyland or Disney World. If you have plans to watch World of Color at California Adventure or the Sleeping Beauty castle fireworks at Disneyland Park, it’s wise to arrive at least an hour before they are slated to start if you want decent seats (read: spots to stand). This way, you won’t find yourself at the very back of the crowd trying to peer over thousands of heads. 

Pro tip: If you’re making dinner reservations, snag a table at a restaurant near the viewing area so you don’t have to high tail it after your meal. 

Disney California Adventure
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3. Download the Disneyland app. 

The Disneyland app is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. It is essential for any open to close day at the theme park. If you have MaxPass, the app is where you’ll be able to make your FASTPASS ride selections. It will also allow you to place mobile food orders and view standby wait times for every attraction. 

4. Dress appropriately. 

Southern California weather can be fickle. This might surprise people from other parts of the country, but mornings and evenings in Anaheim are likely to be chilly, especially in the winter months. To put things in perspective, I enjoyed a sub-freezing riverboat ride at After Hours last February. Wearing layers is wise because it will allow you to shed clothes during the heat of the day, but you won’t freeze waiting for the fireworks or trying to get a Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance boarding group in 30 or 40 degree weather. 

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5. Know your travel party. 

Before you do Disneyland open to close, it’s important to consider your travel party. If you are taking a couples trip or a spring break excursion to the California park, for example, you’ll be able to push yourselves to get more done than if you’re traveling with small children. Set reasonable expectations based on the ages and abilities of those who will be with you. 

It’s also smart to bring portable chargers or take advantage of the FuelRod stations throughout both California Disney parks. This will help you stay in contact with your friends and family members throughout the day. 

Credit: Disney

These five tips will help you have a stress-free time next time you visit Disneyland Resort from the time the gates open until the last firework has been set off. If you’re ready to visit Southern California right away, let the authorized Disney vacation planners at Academy Travel assist you with your magical getaway. Contact them for a free quote.

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