Comments for No, Not Every Disney World Employee Got Laid Off: CM and Staff Status During Park Closure

Disney World employees laid off


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    Cm are getting paid no layoffs have happen! Cps got let go bc they didnt know when they would come back! Summer they be leaving anyway and bc it was sooner they complain its a world wide health concern…. they could get rehired i know many whom were cps that came back and are still working… them expecting disney was going to pay em and help them find room and board is crazy! Your working for a major company to get a great job experience these things happen all over esp now and you take care of it all on your own! Thats what being an adult w a career does! Not complains to their job whose paying em… i feel bad for you i do just like 3rd party your tech not a disney employee but my heart goes out to you and everyone during this… stay safe!

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    Where did you hear that part-time cast members are/ were laid off? I am one and have not heard this.

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