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  1. Janie

    My friend is military she said we are going to be in lockdown soon and it might be months later so nothing is opening! Stop spreading this lie of reopening! Even our govenor said we are closed they closed churches and worship centers period not even to further notice this is like swine flu and this time they called pandemic at least vs letting us all die! Live your life best you can and love your families!

    1. Janie

      Its not nonsense! Its just been delayed my friends in the military and been deployed to help! Thanks for your concern! Things have to get worse before better! Fl is even in lockdown now forget cali has been on one! disney can not in their right minds reopen w all parks in lockdown zones!

  2. Janie

    Itm stop spreading this is going to be open and over soon! My friend is military and she said this just got started we are in a pandemic bc bc its like swine flu all over again… and it time they are caring and not letting people just die like last time! We are about to go into lockdown for most 2 months if not more! I would say enjoy life best you can, want to go to parks watch old disney videos we all have em theres also videos on YouTube etc, do something like love your families most importantly!

    1. Janie

      Sorry for the double post my internet drop!

  3. Harley

    Just called dl bc i had questions about our vacation they are planning to be reopen the summer minimum depending on what happens! We all need to just have hope and take it all as it comes! Today fda said vaccine for mmr seems to be helping people w corona 2 days ago it was related to pneumonia flu months ago… i am sorry but if cdc knew about this since nov w china its their fault bc they could have figure this out and we all be aok! Its just a sad sitution so lets take care of our loved ones and ourselves thats important right now!

  4. Arizona Mom

    I think the whole thing is blown out of proportion. It’s the flu people! Why don’t you close during the flu season when thousands are dying? Why discriminate Disney? So Corona isn’t worth dying for… But the regular flu is?! People need to stop being sheep! Be aware, be hygienic, and if you or a member in your household have a compromised immunity… Then you should self quarantine! Don’t force the rest of us to… That’s not how things work.

    1. Mark

      The sad part of all this is your right besides more people died from the flu the past few yrs… common cold is more common and that has no vax parks wouldnt close on that and both my parents died from that! I think its out of caution bc last few yrs no one closed and deaths happen! That and the cdc really has no clue what it is and changes everyday which doesnt make them reliable
      …. also everyone i speak w lately had some version of this like this before it got named and we all survived! It still was 3 wks in the house sick praying my daughter whom has breathing issue be ok but in the end aok!

      1. Mark

        Is there any word if the reschedule or cancel special events such as the Night of Villains?

    2. Grant

      You are totally correct. over 12,000 people have died from October 2019 and February 2020 from the flu! Come on people, really the only people that can really be affected by covid-19 are people with health problems they already have. Let us have fun. If you don’t want to risk anything then STAY HOME

  5. Stan

    I can not believe you people are so f’in stupid. This is NOT the flu. It’s both more contagious AND more deadly. Yeas, tens of thousands die from the flu each ueat, but 100 MILLION could die from Corona (world wide)

    1. Mark

      The # of people that have this equals the # of people that died from flu just last yr!!! Lets not forget swine flu and other things that should have been called pandemics but weren’t! Then try the math! They also change things daily i am just saying what i had was very much the flu except it went away and came back if this what this is i am staying positive it will be okay but bc it was really bad i wouldn’t wish it on anyone!

    2. Harley

      You do realize theres thoudands of things people could die from daily! Is disney going to remain close bc of it what about the common cold!? Mark mentioned flu it is very flu like but you realize as well theres thousands strains of flu no one knows about??? Only 2 are part of the vaccine thats why they tell you have a chance of still getting sick w flu and dying! Besides theres things out there like TB that are also airborne and deadly! Cancer and heart issue have probably killed more people!!! My grandma died bc she didnt leave the house she was scared of getting sick…. should i be panicking about this and calling others stupid NO! I will just wish you well and move on!

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