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Disney Wonder arrives in San Diego

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  1. Jes

    not all of these facts are correct…. They did stop in the ports of Cozumel and grand caymen where crew and guests were able to get off the ship. After that tho no more port days. Also the guests are not required to get off to day. As the cruise was set to end on the 20 they have the optiom to say on the ship one more day while docked in San Diego.

  2. Jk

    And had several medical emergencies had to turn around and take someone back to grand cayman, captain claimed “ we saved his life”

  3. Gm

    I was on the boat ride we skipped all ports except for Cozumel and cayman. We lost 7 hours due to medical emergency had to turn around and take someone back to cayman, Disney should have canceled this cruise from the beginning, main reason we went on cruise was to take kiddos to dif countries/ports spent over 49k. They say refunding 10% that’s a slap in face. Boat was spotless crew good not complaining about staff or boat they did their best. We tried to cancel beforehand but would have lost our 39k fee. Said go or SOL Bottom line they knew of the issues evolving weeks before hand and should have canceled sooner, they put thousands in harms way for $$ gain. We basically got a 13 day boat ride so Disney could reposition boat… never again.

    1. KB

      Please do better research next time and make sure your post is correct. Disney made great decisions the entire time and any guest unhappy should be thankful for such a unique opportunity. The morning of the cruise all TA’s got updates from Disney allowing clients to cancel if they wanted to.

    2. Jo

      You could have canceled your trip before you got onboard. They had no way of knowing how this would turn out.
      Disney was giving Full Refunds prior to departure.
      If you did indeed pay $49,000.00 (which I doubt), you could have canceled and received a refund.
      I too was on that cruise. Yes, I was disappointed to miss the last 3 Ports, but Disney did a wonderful job.
      They also gave refunds and generous discount on future cruise.

    3. DV

      Too bad your cruise on this trip sucked so badly. My ten family members’ experience was wonderful in spite of the disappointment that we didn’t get to dock. As for the 10% back, along with refunding all port fees for missed ports and the gratuities for the last day even if we stayed on the ship till Friday, by contract (which you signed) they didn’t have to give us anything back for the shortened trip. I think they were very fair. Interesting you forgot to mention that we were also offered a 40% discount on a future cruise. When my daughter’s Carnival cruise was interrupted by a hurricane, they were only offered 25%. I think Disney went above and beyond in keeping us safe by cancelling ports and then offereing refunds and discounts. So your “never again” is welcome to my ears. We’ll gladly take advantage of Disney cruises again.

      1. Gk

        Paid 48,780.00 to be exact. Didn’t say it sucked badly, they should have canceled other ships were already being quarantined prior they have a duty to protect guests. I didn’t sign a contract saying I want to possibly be exposed to coronavirus.We couldn’t cancel we tried they said no loose money.
        Oh yes let me take a 40% discount and go on another boat ride and possibly get sick, can’t wait sign me up!! Now people are popping up with coronavirus on this cruise, they really protected us. How about the guy in level 7 that was quarantined to his room and no one said a word, bet you were in the bottom of the ship or at the buffet and had NO clue… maybe reading the contract? The crew was great the ones on shore punching buttons made bad choices.

        1. SP

          I’m glad they didnt cancel as we had a great vacation despite missing 3 ports of call. As was mentioned if you didn’t want to sail then you should have cancelled. Disney went above and beyond to keep us safe and offer refunds and discounts. They are and will remain the only cruise line that I sail with.

    4. Hu

      Crew member on the boat had corona, everyone is complimenting Disney, how is that going beyond? I sure hope they screened everyone before they let passengers off.

  4. Sandy

    Everyone already said what I wanted to say, but I want to add that my main reason for that cruise was to go through the Panama Canal, so goal met. We had a great time and the cast and crew went above and beyond to keep us safe and entertained.

  5. Leasa

    This was an incredible experience and Disney was amazing at keeping everything clean. We had such a fantastic time and thankful the staff was fantastic. So we missed a few ports big deal. Had more fun on the ship. Like someone mentioned Disney refunding 10% plus port fees was very nice and the addition of 40% off. Future cruise was above and beyond what they needed. But that’s Disney.
    Prayers that everyone who cruised stays healthy (ya never know what we could have picked up once we left the ship to go home.

  6. Hk

    Now many people are getting coronavirus that wereon this cruise!! Got letter emailed today, hand full of people tested positive per Disney. How’s that for a nice 2 week boat ride with a possible surprise 2 weeks later. I wasn’t given the chance to cancel either, they did send a cancelation letter the same day the cruise left but it was not valid for our cruise.

  7. Jf

    Let’s just hope everyone that was on board doesn’t get sick this next week. Hearing several have been now. Seems like a bit of cover up involved here on Disney part as to docking with no issues.. Wonder how many people ultimately spread the virus without knowing it that came off this ship. Maybe rename the boat WOW. Bottom line it’s all about money..

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