Comments for Disney Wins Lawsuit Against Local FL Small Shop Over Copyright Infringement

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  1. Chris Dearth

    Don’t mess with the Mouse.

  2. Harley

    Well they were screaming sue me by namjin themesleves disgear lol! The rest of us whom are crafty and make shirts make em for personal reason bc we do not want to buy $30 tee shirts we wouldn’t sell em to highest bidder … besides these look cheap want to see copy a logo thats my speciality but again not selling em!

  3. MP

    I agree with what Disney did and they even sent them letters to stop. You can’t copy stuff and think it’s okay. You can buy stuff at Walmart and Target to save money and those in the Disneyworld area can go to Character Wearhouse at the Orlando Vineland Pemium outlets to save money

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