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Disney Vacation Change Policy Coronavirus


  1. Otis

    We have been at disney world since Sunday the 8th we have been in all four parks and have seen very few hands sanitizers it doesn’t look like they are doing enough

    1. Jackie

      Your obviously not at wdw and lying bc sanitizer are everywhere and cms are attached to the Clorox rags??? Besides are you so lazy you can not go wash your hands or carry your own??? Go to another park and see the comparison you be scared!

  2. not being put in a bubble

    You know if we just called this what it is corona flu not virus NO ONE WOULD CARE!

    1. Darth Doctor

      Uhhh… you do know that the flu is a virus, right?

      1. Mark

        Yes but the flu happens every day so there wouldn’t be as much panic the world would just go on! Fast fact: theres thousands of strands of the flu and 2 only have vaccine for wouldn’t be surprised we are all panicking for nothing!

  3. Neco

    Shame on Disney with trying to continue to charge fees considering the current global situation. Some guest need to cancel or change their vacations due to flight cancellations so you place them in a bind charging them fees when it’s no fault of their own.

    1. Mike

      Did you read any of the article?

      1. Jackie

        Usually i would comment and say no they just read title and commented but even in the title it says disney adjust fees not charging more! Its the panic over this stupid coronavirus common sense goes out window!

  4. Linda Petroro

    Shame on Disney,with all your money ,still trying to make more, if a family needs to pull out of their vacation due to this virus and making the right decision there should be no charge to cancel, !!!

  5. Kathy B.

    We are still going on our vacay ,end of May. We will enjoy ourselves and be prepared ,unless our vacation planner or disney decides otherwise.

  6. Beverly Roush

    We have reservations for next month and I have NO plans to cancel! There are SEVERAL doctors that have told me to live your life and just take precautions, as you would with the flu, wash your hands, cough into your shirt or elbow, sneeze the same way and keep your hands off your face.


      Change your doctor.

      1. Mark

        Actually my daughter dr said the same most drs are as long as you take precautions and have your vaccines! Maybe claudia you need to change your dr!

    2. Andrea

      Well until today we were planning on just going, but after Anaheim cancelling large gatherings, it’s only a matter of time. Oh and my husband is a doctor – yes we will probably be fine – or carry without symptoms,but the risk of bringing it to our elderly patients or family isn’t worth it

  7. Margaret

    Does anyone know, if you reserved an entire package INCLUDING AIRFARE through disney travel, would there be any fees in regards to the airfare portion of the change, or would disney absorb all of that as well? I know if I reserved air independently I would have to deal with the airline.

    I’m trying not to worry too much as my trip is not until the fall, and I intend to go as long as disney doesn’t close, but I’m a natural worrier and I like to have information


      Why not just call Disney Travel? We would not know the answer better than they would.

  8. Roberta Philbrook

    We were going to Epcot next week but we are cancelling our trip til next month we are older and are not going to take the chance like they say be safe and not sorry I want to have a ho time and not worry if someone coughs on me my food not all people take thing serious

    1. Harley

      Bc people get sick every day its part of life! And the world panicking is stupid though common sense has gone out the window like we have to remind people to cover mouths, wash hands, & stay home etc.

  9. Lynn Andrews

    I am an older adult and just got back from 5 days at WDW. I saw ONE person wearing a mask. There seemed to be a lot of older people in the parks and restaurants. Washed my hands frequently, used hand sanitizer (we always carry sanitizer and wet wipes) and tried not too touch handrails (as much as possible). No one in our party suffered any ailments after coming home. I say live your life!

  10. Jamie

    I had something exactly like this same symptoms same time frame compromised immune system and all…. guess what… STILL ALIVE AND LIVING MY LIFE! Btw was told it was a bad case of flu from my dr wouldn’t be surprised its this before it was named.

    1. Harley

      Me too jamie and about close to 50 people i speak w even a few managers i know at wdw horribly sick wouldnt reccomend it to anyone but it went away and now we are stuck w the world going mad bc its GOT A NAME! The flus got a name and multiple varieties only 2 strains w a vaccine and still more people died oh btw remember swine flu 180k w that piggy no worries no lockdown still more deaths! Still hope it passes so we could all get back to normal!

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        I agree w both of you!

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