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  1. Ann

    You should do more investigating. They laid off most of these employees and cancelled their health insurance with no warning. In the middle of a Pandemic.

    1. Rebel orange bird

      Most ent people are not working and not being paid either! You should see broadway and they are in nyc.

    2. Christy M Jenkins

      I am the Mother of an eight year old son who has been a Monster Jam fan since he was 4. We’ve got the toys, tracks and plush trucks. We’ve been to 2 shows and 2 pit parties. We watch the TV show. I was nervous as a parent when Feld Entertainment took control of the live shows in 2019, and the toy contract with Hot Wheels was severed and Spinmaster became the new manufacturer. Surprisingly but happily, things were good and the family oriented activities became even more child friendly. The most impressive thing I have seen come from the merger is the work they began in 2020 supporting St.Judes children’s hospital, including drivers visiting, items being donated for auction, and the fund raising campaign “This Shirt Saves Lives “. These employees are not entertainers who can audition for a new show- I do a lot of job searching, and I have yet to see an opening for a driver of a monster truck. Then there are the crewmen – a mechanic can get a decent job in general, but once again, the service bell at the gas station is not ringing for a monster truck needing an oil change and a tune up, or a new set of tires. These are specialized employees, with families who have to be provided for, families similar to the ones that made the industry a success for many years. The same types of families that Feld Entertainment was shamelessly selling and mass marketing to. They could have at least surfed the COV-9 wave long enough to feign interest in their employees. And what about St. Judes, who had most likely been depending on the fundraising dollars as a large part of the hospital budget for 2020. How do you explain to one of these children that hey, that cancer you have is a big deal, but now there’s a pandemic virus (which, btw, you are more likely to get too because of your immune system status) that is such a big deal, one of the multi million dollar corporate sponsors that help us monetarily decided that you are not as important as their high dollar retirement plans and severance plan benefits, and they are cutting ties but here’s a free tshirt- they’ve got boxes of them everywhere, and they were misimprinted. They were supposed to read “This Shirt Saves What Again?”.

  2. Julie M Gonzalez

    Do they plan to re schedule later or provide refunds?? How cash we follow up ? Would you hee notifying customers?

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