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Black Widow Mulan


  1. Vera


    We have been campaigning for this movie since Iron Man 2. We didn’t get it before now because Ike Perlmutter said ‘female led movies don’t sell.’ This is only the 3rd female billed Marvel movie (If you count Antman and the Wasp), this needs to be treated with respect and be seen ON THE BIG SCREEN.

    1. Greg

      You’re the idiot. At a time like this where people are dying and losing their jobs, you are still worried about numbers of female led movies? Unbelievable. So you actually think somehow if this movie is released digitally instead of in theatres, than no one is going to see it, or feminism is going to be thrown back into the middle ages or what? Just unbelievable.

  2. Mark

    Alot of people are unhappy w on demand my box glitches constantly and sometimes doesnt load my movies and disney+bc of so many using it is slow! I think if it was rent one time it be great its like redbox vs buying dvd your not going to want to keep a movie you do not like so having no option!

  3. Kim

    Please NO!!! This is closure is so hard on movie theaters, I have been counting on these two blockbusters when they are released to help make up some lost revenue. If major studios do this, the theater industry won’t survive!

    1. Sarra

      I was excited to see Mulan. They should push it back in theaters until they’re open again. I’ve been seeing new movies are costing $20 to watch at home. Hoping this isn’t the case. I live alone and that is way too much for one person to spend on a movie sitting on their own couch and a regular tv screen. $5 and I’d probably watch it home- otherwise- I’ll wait.

  4. Do you know when “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” will be available on Disney+?

    Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

  5. Melanie Durham

    YES YES YES YEEEESSSS!!!! I am so happy to hear this! Thank you!

  6. John Stutsman

    I am hoping to see Mulan and Black Widow on Disney+ due to Conronavirus. Disney+ fans will be blast to hear from it ?

  7. On Disney+

  8. Libby Brown

    No problem with releasing them now but I hope this doesn’t mean they will never be in theaters! Both would be great to see in the theater and both have female directors.

    1. J. Markles

      * Earth is facing an existential crisis, companies having to make hard decisions to survive, while helping people keep their sanity through some sense of normalcy. *

      Feminists: BUT WHAT ABOUT DA WIMMENS!!!

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