Comments for Disney Exec Says Meghan Markle “Needs Disney More Than Disney Needs Meghan.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Credit: Daily Mail UK


  1. Michelle Anderson

    What a weird article. Wanting freedom and thumbing your nose at British rule sounds like American thinking to me. Harry chose an American wife and has been very vocal about anger at the press and dissatisfaction with the role. Why all the nasty attitudes? Hypocritical elites? Some things haven’t changed in 243 years.

  2. Alice

    I totally agree. The author of this piece sounds like a snob, the total opposite of the spirit of Disney.

    1. Gudrid

      The actress is the snob.

  3. Pamela

    Not the typical “insidethemagic” article and editors should pull it. Nothing magical about going after them in this way. Pretty shameful of the author of this piece.

    1. Gudrid

      Pretty shameful OF THE Sussexs’ to use their Royal clout in a receiving line for the Real Queen Bey. Who has that title because of her talent, class and work ethic.

  4. Doyle Laux

    This sounds more like a piece from The Daily Mail or the Sun. I expected better from…oh, just read the byline. Why let the hate spread to our country? They said they want to work. Support.

    1. Bobby

      Agreed. This was tacky and borderline sexist.

  5. I agree with Disney. Markle seems to think that everything can be bought with her fame. It’s nice that Disney is standing for something other than profits. OneMomsLove.com

  6. Susan Ellis

    I am appauled other commentors suggest that this piece be removed. What happened to freedom of there press? Just because her actions make Meghan look bad, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be reported. Thanks for doing your job.

  7. Tonya

    I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with Disney’s decision. As the author said, Disney is scrupulous about who they hire, and this couple (Markle particularly) doesn’t meet their standards. In these situations one should ask “what would Walt do?”. I would bet top dollar he would make the exact same decision. I in particular don’t want my grandchildren to emulate this couple’s behavior or put them on a pedestal in any way.

  8. Ruth K. Cobb

    Yes. Cause evrything about her is great and perfect. Only positive criticism is allowed, Anything negative must be tabloid. she has been so kind and gracious in all of this, I mean . A non positive article,..oh how could they????…. I’m an American, and Black, and nothing is wrong with a different perspective,.. on the former Royal.

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