Comments for OpEd: What Can We Expect from Disney Park Closures and Reopenings?

Disney Park Closure Update


  1. Jessica

    The Disney Parks in Tokyo are scheduled to reopen early next month according to the official Website and the update on the situation that was posted on March 18.

  2. Harley

    How about we have patience and find purpose in life a new hobby something to do instead of what ifs.

  3. MarkJosephcalll

    I gather that you’ve never owned a business in your life. Wait a year and these places will be out of business for good. I also gather that you are not a doctor either. Covid has already reach it’s plateau in China and Japan, meaning the virus is dying down there. Much like flu season (which is worse) there are peak times for viruses. This is not their peak time for Covid anymore. They are safe to reopen. If you don’t feel safe I highly suggest you stay home.

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