Comments for Frozen and Other Disney on Broadway Shows Go Dark Due To Health Concerns

Disney on broadway blackout coronavirus


  1. Mark

    This is sad bc most of these people its their only income i hope nyc is prepared for the consequences! Esp bc they are going beyond even the date given by the president and making up their own rules!

  2. Not living in a bubble

    My friend is in SIX they were suppose to open tonight no shows opening except them till april couldn’t let them open one night more would have just been too difficult! I hope nyc goes to hell! Stop living in a bubble! And live your life wake up panicking is only hurting peoples livelihoods and then what??? So they are healthy but they have no income food and now have mental issues!

  3. Harley

    Omg this was hearsay the person isnt even sick omg this is getting stupid!

  4. Harley

    I just heard their not getting back pay at least disney is being kind to their cms! Equity is trying to get pay to all shows some whom just announced might go past the reopen date in april! Frozen is included just fyi! Though no casts stage crew etc are being paid and its like why close??? They had a plan to lower the #s or even film some shows jic this goes beyond time frames to make up for losses! No one gets bc its NYC they do not get broadway every single theatre is its own small business! Not one person is not living paycheck to paycheck here!
    Btw bubble huge SIX fans here its like way to stay classes Broadway couldnt wait for them to open before closing! Oh wait they closed friday but told them not to open… wow just wow!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Harley i know many cms whom are six fans too… its ashame we cant do a six flashmob in honor of its opening (whenever it is) like at uk at epcot that be so cool but alas its not a disney show! That and it be wrong of me to suggest we dress up like princesses to get away w it bc adults cant dress up! Long live the queendom and frozen monsters! We will get through this!

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