Comments for It’s Not the Mandela Effect! Disney Actually Altered a Scene in “Lilo & Stitch”

Disney altered scene in Lilo and Stitch


  1. Harley

    Is this for real? Its a perfect example of lilo and nani relationship like the rest of the movie? We all grew up w this movie and now many younger gen have my kid included and i actually tell him to be like lilo its better than acting like stitch! Lilo is a perfect example of being different! We need different esp in this world right now! Besides its not like nani turns the dryer on then its wrong! The PC police are really irking me! Btw if they think thats bad a classmate of mine in grade school mind you i am in my 30s use to miss school bc of her punishment! I wouldnt want to know what pc police would think of that!?

  2. Darth Wistful

    Finally. I always hated that dryer.

    1. Jackie

      I agree w harley pc parent obviously darth but its not like she put the dryer on she caught her in it! I remember as a kid my parents use to catch me in a sheet and put me in the dryer that was my punishment! Apparently all parents on pc police these days are saints and their parents never punished them … this which is highly doubtful!

  3. Anna

    What is it now? It looks like an oven with a pizza isn’t that worse?

    1. Harley

      Yes but this is what happens when disney owns the movie and not stitch himself!

      1. Dave

        This isn’t a new alteration, this change was made before the UK home video release back in 2003.

  4. Ruby

    My mom pointed that out to me! Me and my mom are both ennoyed that they did that!

  5. Arnold Kevin Collins

    Just stupid

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