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Disney Dining Guide 50s Prime Time

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  1. Harley

    I use to love primetime but they stopped the fun stuff like clean plate club stickers, punishments for elbows on the table and yelling to your “cousins” even the food has changed ! Also like every other restaurant i am rushed out mama never rushed us out before! Why scifi will be #1! Sadly bc we use to split our time between both! Its still fun but not the same!

    1. Mark

      Yea i agree i went before the close N put my elbows on table just to entertain the idea bc it was my daughters 1st time and the waitress was like very confused to begin w playing the role so i asked a manafer and they were like people were getting offended! I was like what having fun on vacation welcome to the 1950s which is the theme of the restaurant heard scifi cast cant yell w the movies anymore for same reason its a shame!

      1. Harley

        Scifi manager said all the young or new staff do not know the movies and kinda tune them out! He said you could still do it as a guest i was like its still funnier when cms yelled! Prime time i miss the fun its the pt of themed restaurants to me if not your just another restaurant!

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