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Return to Oz on Disney+


  1. Caleb

    Solid list, but the synopsis of Flight of the Navigator is not accurate. The kid is not an orphan!

    1. Harley

      Flight is not a cult classic either it was a huge movie when i was a kid! Its still a watch in our house! Its true he has a family and its movie that though lost in the 80s its still quite relevate too! Return to oz has a very wicked vibe! No one gets watching this movie vs the judy garland movie how dark oz books were its like grimm they arent meant for children!

  2. David H Schroeder

    I watched “Black Cauldron” as soon as I got Disney+ — because I was amazed to see it available in gorgeous UltraHD (4K) quality.

    Wow. It is, overall, such a bland and mediocre story. But what struck me was that all of those very young animators at that time, including Tim Burton, SO MUCH WANTED TO MAKE “The Lord of the Rings!” They squeezed every LOTR-moment into the script that they could.

    They results are sad and lame, but I could feel the youthful Tolkien energy TRYING to break through!

    The generational struggles in the studios while this film was being made must have been very challenging and confusing on all sides.

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