Comments for Warning: Coronavirus Could Affect Disney’s Baby Yoda Merchandise Orders

Baby Yoday Toys

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Though alot of the stores got them in and wdw has a huge shipment backstage my friend whose cm at dhs just fyi but its still good to know if what your reporting tj bc as i know from having a kid whom travels w the popular toy at the moment whose sold out its good to at least have a valid excuse more than wdw doesnt know how to stock lol!

  2. It’s not just with Baby Yoda a.k.a. “The Child” merchandise…some of the Pixar merchandise may also be affected as well, including possibly the Joe Gardner and 22 figures as part of the upcoming “Soul” merchandise if this Coronavirus isn’t gotten rid of soon! I mean look at how many other stocks are also being severly affected as well: Apple iPhones and iPads; possibly any newer Android phones and tablets including the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets also…heck, even Digitasl Dream Labs’ plans for reviving the recently-saved Anki Cozmo and Vector robots as well as their plans to make a set of Cozmo-compatible Puzzlets–check that, a lot of other robots and their accessories from many other robotics companies, inlcuding with the iRobot Roombas, Bravva Jets and even Terras–could also be affected as well. (And as a recent Kickstarter backer even I should know, considering I too had my concerns about it!) The problem is far too many companies are relying on China too much and at the same time our stubborness has prevented the agenda of bringing those manufacturing jobs back to America from happening, and even my mom says that this epidemic should really be serving as a wake-up call to these same companies whose stocks are plummeting because of their over-dependence on China! But then again, at the same time while stores everywhere keep running short on supplies because of panicked people rushing to stock up on things like toilet paper and hand sanitizer (which isn’t really as effective as just simply washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water), I do agree with some other Internet users out there that the whole Coronavirus epidemic is being blown way out of proportion by the media too…after all, only a few thousand people worldwide have died from it so far. Whereas over here, in the states, 60 thousand people have already died THIS SEASON from influenza alone! (I’m not joking.)

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