Comments for Disney CMs Have yet to Receive Their Schedules, Stay-At-Home Orders Issued

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  1. Mark

    They have been told by management to stay home parks are tbd opening now! I just got off the phone w manger friends! We want to all go back but we have to have patience! Lots of us are on lockdown situations and curfews! Its bad enough our #s go up the demographic for people is changing which falls into cms age bracket it would be wrong for them to reopen… they be the only park!

  2. Rebel Orange Bird

    My neighbor is a cm and we got a cerfew and stay at home orders and we were all already staying home just bc theres not much to do and she rather not get in trouble! They are talking about like what other countries did fining and arresting people its not worth it! Nor is it worth it she said as shes already been impacted bad by allergies bc we had no rain getting sick w covid would only make her situation worse or dire… its not worth dying for she rather go back when all is brighter on the other side!

  3. Janie

    Again love to all writers at itm i know we are all at home bored but lets stop posting things either on repeat or wo concrete evidence! Ty! My friend is miltary and this is far from over if disney was smart they heed warnings and do the right think!

  4. Rebel Spy

    I don’t understand how this has anything to do with the general public!!!!! CM’s are already worried about their jobs right now why are you writing about this? Until Disney comes out with an official statement, there’s no need for a blog post like this.

    1. Harley

      Besides i think alot of the cms are still worried about health and wellbeing then going back to wrk right now! The ones i know are! Also counties are putting out stay at home orders starting thurs this includes orange and osceola! Hillsborough is too while st. Pete and few others are still wrking on theres!

      1. Mark

        Which includes 24hr wkend stay at home do not go out unless its for essentials! Though many of us want to go to the parks its not essential nor worth breaking the law for!

  5. Jason

    Florida does not have a stay at home order for the entire state. Different counties do and the 2 that Disney falls in (Kissimmee and Osceola) both have individual stay at home orders. It’s. Definitely not the full state though. That’s what a lot of us Floridians are upset with our Governor about. He refuses to do it.

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