Comments for Cinderella Castle’s Royal Makeover Has Officially Begun at Disney World!

Cinderella Castle Renovations

Credit: Gijs Van Winkelhof via twitter: @GijsVWinkelhof


  1. Rob

    This is awful. Shelling out thousands of dollars for a once in a lifetime experience and the main feature is surrounded by bright orange construction equipment. How is this magical? They should do the work at night over a longer period of time

    1. Harley

      At least its not the cake the 25th anniversary cake took yrs to remove! This is just some gold paint its magical bc wdw will be 50 and 50 is golden anniversary!

  2. Mark

    Anyone whom complains 2 words: petobismol cake!

  3. NENolan

    Yeah, I remember the cake. It’s hardly something you’ll ever forget! It was the abysmal Pepto Bismol castle. At least after all the cranes are finally gone, the castle will look amazing. That softens the blow a bit.

  4. Matt Brewster

    Such maintenance work should, whenever possible, be done AT NIGHT!!! That used to be what made WDW so magical. Now, though, all Mgnt. Seems to care about is saving money, which explains the recent bout of problems.

    1. Mark

      Do you know how much money goes into doing all this if anything its overspending not saving!! Besides if wdw closed w construction you complain why its not open!!!! Cant make people happy can you!!!???

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