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Disney World Annual Pass

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  1. I agree with Disney The Passholder people in Florida already get a reduced price while other states pay the entire price and can not go every day if they want to so the Florida resident gets their moneysworth easily well above anyone else.

  2. William martin

    Block it on your debit card or credit card

    1. john (Boston) hubb

      You will still owe the debt and Disney will send it to collections thus hurting your credit score.

  3. mizuki

    yes i agree. they should be able to let guests cancel subsciption because not all people are rich. most of us live paycheck to paycheck and its mandatory to cut off subscriptions that we dont need during this outbreak.

    1. Harley

      Then why get an ap to begin w?? If you couldnt afford then do not get one it shouldnt be disney fault! They have payment plans and ticket options maybe people need to budget better and know! Kids these days need to learn finance skills and learn what they can and can not afford! Not just buy and blame companies you bought the pass disney didnt force it on you!

    2. J. Barnes

      One could have chosen to pay for the whole year up front and not monthly. You entered a contract to pay for your year monthly, so you need to abide by that. It’s the same for us that have Six Flags passes paid monthly. Disney may be a big company but they are hurting greatly also.

      1. Thelma

        I think that during this crises they should at least consider that many people are not working and not by choice. This pandemic was not something planned and the parks are closed so why not defer the payments. No one planned this would happen. Priorities come first, and at this point Disney should understand. So what you are saying makes absolutely no sense

    3. Hector

      It’s not a subscription. It’s the cost of the pass spread over 12 months. If someone paid in full up front it would not be fair to them. They should allow deferred payments but not cancellations.

  4. John (Boston) Hubb

    Disney should at the very least defer payments during these very trying times. AP’s are a reliable source of income for the corporation and if they are heartless during the crisis then next year AP’s should band together and not renew.

  5. Peter

    Change your debit card number so future payments cannot be taken..then dispute charges for any month you did not go to the park. Then also submit a complaint to your State attorney general because the contract did not have a clause that mentioned “pandemics” as a reason to suspend pass usage.

  6. Bridgette

    They should at least postpone payments until this is all over!

  7. Frank

    My membership expired right before all heck broke loose. Glad I didn’t renew. Should at least defer payments for the last month and until parks reopen.

  8. Defer payments until over.

  9. Kerry

    They absolutely shouldn’t erase the debt. Delaying the payments would be appropriate.
    It is a contract we all signed, just like a car loan or apartment lease.
    I’ve already visited many times and gotten my money’s worth, if I paid for my past visits I’d still owe them. Paying my contract is fine, just delay my payments for a few months.

  10. steve jenney

    What about people who live out of state and only visit 4 times a year? If they lose their job and have not even been able to go even once yet NO the contract should be extended without payment until this pandemic is over.

  11. Mike

    Because something of this nature has never happened to Disney .. they should step up and let the few people that want to cancle, cancel. The amount of cxls won’t hurt in the big picture…

  12. William Allison

    No, Disney should not allow people to cancel their passes or defer payments. This is much different than a subscription plan for Netflix or something. It’s very possible that you could get “your money’s worth” out of a pass in just a couple of visits (compared to the cost of a day ticket) in just a few days. If you bought a weekday select pass for full price this year ($369) and went next week (I know the park will not likely be open but just assuming based on posted prices) Then you could go Wednesday 4/1-4/3 for $369 (well below the cost of a 3-day park hopper). It would be even cheaper if you were renewing your pass because it would come with a 15% discount. Not only that, you would not be required to pay the $25 per day parking fee. If I bought a full price 3-day park hopper it would be $447 plus $75 parking. In theory, if Disney let me out of paying my monthly payment (or cancelling my pass) I could go to WDW next week for three days, cancel my pass and only be on the hook for about $30. My one month’s payment on a 12 month contract. I received full benefits of the pass and got a rack-rate $447 dollars worth of tickets for 1 month’s payment of a 12 month contract. That would be really taking advantage of Disney. (I’m not a spokesperson for Disney, I am a passholder and I do feel like they’re taking advantage of me a bit when I pay $4.50 for a coke, but I willingly buy them sometimes) With the purchase of a pass I am able to take advantage of the benefits up front but agree to pay, in full, the commitment of the contract. I do understand that it could be a hardship to make the payment, but it’s a commitment that the person willingly entered into and should be responsible for. As a side note, the individual who has been outspoken about this issue (the one in the news that lost a $7500 monthly retainer) should have just paid for his pass up front if his income was that high. I get that it stinks to lose the income, but if he agreed to pay for the pass, he should pay it. Disney is a business and I believe they do go to great efforts to keep their customers satisfied, but I don’t believe they should allow passholders to stop making payments on their passes just because it became difficult to do so.

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