Comments for Breaking News: DLR and WDW Only Accepting Resort Reservations AFTER June 1

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  1. Jackie

    I have a dl reservation in june through dvc the points were returned to me today so i doubt this! It doesnt matter cali is a trash hole and world of color isnt going to be up by then and thats the only reason i was going! If wdw could put wofc somewhere and hattie in hm bc it truly wouldnt be hard no one would go to dl honestly!

  2. Jade moate

    I booked to go to Disneyland with the family on the 26th of April and flights from Australia got cancelled by the airline. So I had to cancel my Disneyland tickets and got told they are non refundable. I can get given a credit to use by the end of the year but as I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant by the time everything is back up and running I’ll be too far pregnant to be able travel… and to top it off I lost my job 2 days ago due to the covid-19… yay!

  3. Jason K

    June is WAY too optimistic
    In all likelihood, Disney may not see guests again until October in all honesty.

  4. Christine

    Could it be that it’s Memorial Day weekend and both parks were full already before the virus? Or That they are limiting the number of people in the park so it’s not so over crowded. I heard it’s going to take awhile to get all international and domestic college student workers back. Just a thought.

  5. Reds

    Why haven’t they cancelled cruises yet? According to website they plan to cruise again after April 12th? Are they serious? And they won’t give back refunds for cruises in April and May even though they know they won’t be sailing. Airlines have been great to deal with, Disney not so much.

  6. Harley

    Lets all remember though when we return to the parks whenever it is we show respect thank cms not start fights! Tip wait staff just bc its a disney restaurant doesnt mean they arent in the spot as other wait staff they make most their money on tips too! They are going to not immediately reopen and be wdw or dl 100% so we need have patience as w anything right now and keep this unity we have right now the same then! We are all in the same place and only hope the tunnel is brighter on the other side of this!

    1. Mark

      Yes very good thing to remember harley we are all human and have to do our part in spreading a message of hope we would want the positivity given to us why not them too! Might i add that fellow guests do not stare at us and our allergen ridden children like its the plague either… i am not keeping my child home bc of her allergies nor should i!

  7. Hugh Sandgathe

    I booked my reservation for WDW in June. This is going to be my first time there. Due to an unexpected worldwide incident, I may end up going later than that. Although it says we can book through June 1 or later so this could be a sign I will still go but I am still checking back for updates.


    Yes it has effected my WDW vacation plans. i had reservations for the Best Western Disney Springs Resort and just recieved a cancellation notification. I have yet to have my prepaid expenses returned to me. When I cvall thier number I recieve no responce.

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