Comments for Disney Sets Official Opening Date for Avengers Campus, the All-New Marvel Land

Avengers Campus

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    I guess dl doesnt count like wdw cause to wdw thats actually fall … kidding aside i am glad kinda missed that on my vacation hoping it wont be as crowded now w people probably waiting on this!

  2. Mark

    Well that makes sense the coronavirus should be na by then.

    1. Jackie

      Omg darth (fill in the blank) is going to be upset he didnt say that first! Lol!

  3. Van

    This is opening during comic con dates! Ugh. I usually go to disneyland before comic con but the crowd after comic con show will be too much

  4. Van

    I guess this is right before comic con which makes some sense but the crowds will be insane!

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